PG 13 content

On sad days, I feel write-y and I hope no one reads what I write (even though I put it out publicly) or, if you're here, reading this, I hope you don't judge me for it. DEPRESSION! Now that I have your attention/have managed to turn you away, let's talk about the absence of happiness … Continue reading PG 13 content

yay. Procrastination (Exhibit B)

Home is a foreign place Attempt at working on my thesis not 2. We did a funny shitpost about books and reading so I guess it must be either time to talk about fandom or super poignant stuff (work through those issues). (yay. My commentary is much genius) (I don't know. I just wanted to … Continue reading yay. Procrastination (Exhibit B)


To the people who will read this (and apparently there's quite a few now) Please. Turn away. There's no light-hearted talk of books or TV here today, no heartfelt scrawl about a difficult day. All there is is apathy, and weariness, at a month gone horribly wrong. I've talked about my bad days before, I've … Continue reading tired